Our Focus 

We offer quality education in a friendly atmosphere by using modern methods and equipment.

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We guide the pupils to discover and apply their talents so that they become innovative, self-confident and active citizens.  
We share knowledge with love and patience. We discourage unnecessary use of corporal punishments to the pupils, because corporal punishments do not only have negative effects on the learning process and creativity, but they also destroy children's self-esteem and confidence.

Sports and learning processes are inseparable! That is why we emphasize the use of sports and games as learning and recreational facilities. 

We inculcate in the pupils good behavior and values that build in them a strong inner-ethical foundation, which will in turn drive them to love and serve their nation ethically.

Pupils sit at tables and share meals with teachers and other school workers. 


We promote international partnerships and exchange of ideas in order to give pupils and teachers the opportunities to learn and gather experiences from other countries for sustainable development of our country. International exchange programmes enable the pupils, teachers and the entire school community to engage in a multi-cultural exchange of ideas, which becomes an eye-opener for them. All learn to handle life issues from broader perspectives. 


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